2024 Chinese New Year Celebration

Last month, our facility celebrated the Chinese New Year with a bang!  The traditional lion dance, much awaited and absent for a long time, was the highlight of the day. We had several trustees and our Chairman, Mr. David Tran, join us to to kick off the new year, spreading

20th Anniversary Charity Dinner Celebration

On September 22, the Golden Palace Restaurant in Cabramatta hosted the 9th Anniversary of S.H.L.K. Chinese Opera Singing Group and the 20th Anniversary of Indochinese Aged Care Services Charity Fundraising Gala. Our organisation have been providing care and support for the elderly in the community for two decades, and this

International Tour of Taiwan Gourmet Cuisines

We are bubbling with excitement as our very own Indochinese Aged Care Services had the wonderful opportunity to host the “International Tour of Taiwan Gourmet Cuisines” on Saturday, 19th August 2023. 🎉 Set against the vibrant backdrop of the Bonnyrigg facility, the event unfolded at 11:00 AM, bringing together a

Celebration program

Throughout the year, our activity team has helped organised activities to celebrate major holidays such as Christmas and Lunar New Year. We also plan special days for birthdays, anniversaries and other significant occasions. Our residents enjoy these activities, which create a positive environment. We believe that these activities help to

Cooking preparation

Residents have been helping the kitchen out with the making of food, such as wonton dumplings, banana pastry, spring rolls and mochi for food demonstration and preparation classes. The kitchen will then cook the food and serve residents at lunch or afternoon tea. Residents also learn about the nutritional value

Bus outings

Indochinese Aged Care Services provides nursing and residential care for the elderly. The organisation and our staff are dedicated to providing the best possible care, with a focus on dignity, independence and quality of life. Bus outings are also a great opportunity for residents to get to know each other

Staff BBQ

The Board and Management decided to hold a BBQ day for staff to express gratitude for their dedication to work. This was as a way to connect with them. Lamb skewers were ordered and prepared on the spot. The response to the gathering was very positive as many have showed

25th November 2016 – 13th Management Committee Inauguration

This year, Mr. David Nguy was officially inaugurated as the 13th Chairperson of the Hostel Management Committee in a handover ceremony with Mrs. Chou Ma. The Indochinese Aged Care Services held its annual inauguration dinner on the 25th of November 2016 at the Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant in Cabramatta. Trustees,

13th November 2015 – 12th Management Committee Inauguration

On the 13th of November, the Indo-Chinese Elderly Hostel held this year’s inauguration ceremony and dinner at the Golden Palace Seafood Restaurant in Cabramatta to mark our annual change of management committee. Trustees, VIP Guests & friends of the Hostel were welcomed by MC Ricky Tang. Mrs. Chou Ma was

7th November 2014 – 11th Management Committee Inauguration

To mark our annual change of management committee, the Indo-Chinese Elderly Hostel held this year’s inauguration ceremony and dinner on the 7th of November at the Silver Pearl Seafood Restaurant in Cabramatta. Friends of the Hostel were welcomed by MC David La and the 10th president Mr Henry Tang. Mr

2014 Indo Chinese Elderly Hostel Christmas Celebration

  The Indo-Chinese Elderly Hostel held its annual Resident’s Christmas Party on the 12th of December. Family and friends of the residents were invited to join in on the Christmas celebration. Volunteers and trustees added to the festive atmosphere by visiting every section of the Hostel to sing Christmas songs

12th July 2014 Official Opening of the New Wing

  The Indo-Chinese Elderly Hostel has completed a major expansion this year. The expansion consists of a new reception area and a new wing, increasing the number of rooms in the hostel to 88. To celebrate, the Hostel held an official opening ceremony on the 12th July. The ceremony was

Residents Variety Activities

  Cake Baking Eating can make people happy. Eating sweets makes people even happier. Cake is one of the magical sweets that could easily bring happiness to lighten up our day. The process of making cake itself should not be underestimating as we can have fun while doing so. That is

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