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Staff Christmas Party

  With the year is slowly wrapping up, Indochinese Aged Care Services held its annual Staff Christmas Party to celebrate the year end’s holiday season. The party was held on 13th December 2019 at the Golden Palace restaurant. It was joined by many staff, our Chairman and Directors themselves. Special

Trip to Star City buffet

  Hello everyone!  During December, we have taken our beloved residents to the buffet at Harvest Restaurant in Star City. It was such a fun outing. Everybody was having the best time enjoying the food.  We were so thrilled to be able to organise this event. We hope to do

Residents’ Christmas Party

  MERRY CHRISTMAS! Our annual Residents’ Christmas Party was held on December 16th afternoon. The luncheon was joined by the residents’ family members, the Chairman and Directors with our staff and many volunteers. Thank you to everyone who have been working on this event and making it go smoothly and

Leisure Activity

  On a beautiful sunny day in August, we invited the residents to gather up for a group photo after feeding the fishes in our Banksia garden. We had so much fun. What a lovely day it

Ritual Ceremony

  On the 12th of August, outside the Banksia dining hall, a table was set up with a variety of fruits and a beautifully roasted pig, ready for the ritual.  We invited all residents and staff over on that day to participate in this year Ghost Festival and pay respect

Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival

  To celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, every year we will have our volunteers come over to help the residents prepare the traditional food which is Zongzi 粽子 (Chinese sticky rice dumpling).  The weather was so beautiful that day, we decided to move our “little kitchen” outside to the garden. Everyone

Chinese New Year Lion Dance

  新年快樂! We invited a Lion Dance team over to as part of the special celebration for Chinese New Year day. Mr. Henry Tang—our Chairman and Directors also attended the ceremony. Along with the lion dance team, they went  around to visit all the residents and handed out red packets

New Year Decorations

  Volunteer Lulu specially prepared this lantern workshop in letting everyone participate to increase mutual interaction and have fun on the Chinese New Year. Residents enjoyed cutting and pasting craft papers together. Everyone was happy with the end result. Many lanterns were beautifully created and there was lots of satisfied

12th July 2014 Official Opening of the New Wing

  The Indo-Chinese Elderly Hostel has completed a major expansion this year. The expansion consists of a new reception area and a new wing, increasing the number of rooms in the hostel to 88. To celebrate, the Hostel held an official opening ceremony on the 12th July. The ceremony was

Residents Variety Activities

  Cake Baking Eating can make people happy. Eating sweets makes people even happier. Cake is one of the magical sweets that could easily bring happiness to lighten up our day. The process of making cake itself should not be underestimating as we can have fun while doing so. That is