Residents Variety Activities


Cake Baking

Eating can make people happy. Eating sweets makes people even happier. Cake is one of the magical sweets that could easily bring happiness to lighten up our day. The process of making cake itself should not be underestimating as we can have fun while doing so.

That is why we had our volunteers who took their time to come and demonstrate as well as having fun with our residents through the cake making session. Smile and laughter could be heard when each of the eggs being dropped down to a big bowl. The residents had a lot of fun when making cake.

“When can we eat it?” “Is it (the cake) done yet?” Those were all the questions which have been constantly repeated loudly in the dining hall.

After a while, we could see a smile has been forming on each of the lovely faces when the cake was brought out. Everyone was just so happy to see their final product. To be able to have a taste of what you have putting so much effort into it, it was a good time.

Cooking demonstration

On a nice lovely day, our chef has decided to make Dong Gua Zhong which also known as Winter Melon Soup for our lovely residents.

It is considered as a “slow fire” soup in the Chinese saying. Slow fire soup is a type of soups usually Cantonese in origin and as the name implies, it is a technique that you have to boil or rather simmer this soup for hours before it is considered done.

A big winter melon was brought out was the time we see all the faces has lit up, followed by a round of applause to our main chef. Everyone all thought that the dish was well made and had a happy time enjoying it.

Art and craft

Craft is one of the favorite activities to our residents when it comes to leisure time. We had a volunteer group who came to visit our residents and teach them crafts. This is an activity that required a lot of patience. It takes time to perfect each and every detail for every piece. That is why it is considered as art.

We could see there were lots of colored paper has been prepared on the tables, waiting for our residents to make them into something pretty. During the process, the residents who are not very flexible would have feel very difficult along the way. But with the help of staffs and volunteers, those things were easily overcome. Soon after, the colored papers have been made into some interesting and pretty shape. All the work has been hung up on the board so everyone can admire it.

Craft provides entertainment to residents. This is one of the activities arranged for residents to help trigger their mind and creativity. We have volunteer group coming to give lesson and spend time making cards, knitting and painting etc.



Everyone wants to look pretty, especially the ladies. And so are our residents.

When heard we would be having a makeup artist who volunteer her time to come and make our residents look beautiful, everyone couldn’t hide their happiness on their face. We had five residents who volunteered to have their face make up. They were very patience sitting and waiting for the makeup artist to go over one by one applying the makeup product onto their faces. Not long after that, loud cheers were heard followed by applauses.

The residents looked so bright and pretty after the makeover. Everyone had a happy time watching and enjoy the fun time.