Vision, Mission and Values


Our Mission: 

Is to provide our consumers with a high standard of quality health care in a safe and homelike environment that promotes freedom of choice, respect and compassion in a culturally appropriate setting.


Our Philosophy: 

We believe that all community members should have access to care which respects the independence and dignity and enables them to live as happy and independent individuals with pride, dignity and contentment.


Our Values: 

  • Respect for all
  • Justice, dignity and equality for consumers
  • Fair and safe workplace
  • Professional development
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ties with the community


Our Vision: 

We will ensure that Indochinese Aged Care Services continues to maintain its philosophy and values of the organisation by:

  • Being a financially viable enterprise.
  • Seeking to operate within continuous quality improvement principals to better our care.
  • Being an equal opportunity employer who is also an employer of choice.
  • Ensuring we regularly maintain compliance to all areas.
  • Being an integral part of our community.