International Tour of Taiwan Gourmet Cuisines

We are bubbling with excitement as our very own Indochinese Aged Care Services had the wonderful opportunity to host the “International Tour of Taiwan Gourmet Cuisines” on Saturday, 19th August 2023. 🎉

Set against the vibrant backdrop of the Bonnyrigg facility, the event unfolded at 11:00 AM, bringing together a medley of delicious flavours and the rich culinary heritage of Taiwan. This gastronomic tour was the second in a series of three demonstrations, each celebrating the vibrant and diverse tastes of Taiwan. 🥢🥟

The day was filled with aromatic scents, delightful bites, and the joyous buzz of community gathering. We were thrilled to see our residents, their families, friends, and relatives come together to enjoy and explore the culinary treasures of Taiwan.

Swipe through the attached photos to relive the moments and taste the excitement! 📸

A big thank you to everyone who joined us and made this day a flavourful success!