Milestones and Achievements

Excerpts from our 10th Anniversary Book

In 2014, the Indo-Chinese Elderly Hostel celebrated the 10th anniversary of its opening. To mark this important milestone, the hostel published a commemorative book to record the history of the hostel. It contains messages from Trustees and former chairpersons, articles and interviews with residents and their family, as well as many photos illustrating life at the hostel over the past 10 years.

Here are some of the reflections and congratulatory messages from the book.

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Blessed are those who give…

A Message from Mr. Oai Trieu, The Chairman of the Preparation and Construction Committee of Indo-Chinese Elderly Hostel Project

A fund-raising dinner was held on the 14 September 2003, to raise funds towards the construction and operation costs of our aged hostel. I have personally written 7 poems, for the launch of the ‘Gold & Silver Bricks’ to raise funds, which were also auctioned out on that night. It was a memorable night for me as it marked a successful night for me as…

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Fruition of Love and Perseverance

~History of Building up the Indo-Chinese Elderly Hostel~
By Mr. Phuoc Thang Tran, Vice Chairman of Indo-Chinese Elderly Hostel Project Inc. Trust Fund

Wherever the Chinese go, the traditional virtue of the nation will be brought there. Chinese people in Australia are under the same spell. The long history aside, I only mention about what had happened in 1970’s of 20th century: Many people of Indo-Chinese peninsula were forced to leave their homes because of the war. They risked their lives by the way of violent sea, experienced all kinds of hardships and difficulties…

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No Pain, No Gain…

A Message from Mr. Harry To Ha Tang, Chairperson of the Buidling & Construction Committee (2003-2004)

As the 2004 Moon Festival is fast approaching, I am reminded that our aged hostel was built and operational for almost a year now. It is the right time to publish a Special Edition, documenting the whole process and to thank all of you supporting the construction of the hostel where I was the chairperson…

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