Development Completed

Expansion of 58 rooms with ensuites to the exisitng Hostel had been completed at Dec 2013

The Trustees of the “Love the Elderly and Children Foundation” have made every effort to expand the Hostel to fill the shortage of aged care services for the community.

The Hostel began its service with the facility of 30 rooms with ensuites, after the expansion currently provides accommodation and care to 88 frail aged members of the Indo-Chinese and Chinese Communities.

The Project had already been completed and started services since Jan 2014.

The 58 bed extension of the facility was undertaken with grant and loan assistance from the Federal Government as well as from donations and operating surpluses. The extension also included a new kitchen, laundry and resident recreation areas and was completed in December 2013. As there will be ongoing capital costs to maintain a high standard, the continued financial support of the community is required.The Capital costs of Development Project need the continued support from the community.

You are welcome to visit the Hostel and view the completed new building or ring for details of donation options.

680A Cabramatta Road West,
Tel: (02) 8786-1888 Fax: (02) 8786-0399