2011 April Result of Art Union Drawn

Art Union Tickets had been sold since 16th Sep 2010, purpose of this charible fund could be an initial start stage which can lead to all success in the development of the Hostel

And the result of Art Union Drawn date was on 4th April 2011 at Fairfield Council, 86 Avoca Road, Wakeley NSW 2176 at 11am by the Mayor of Fairfield City Council.

The 1st Prize had been presented by Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ngai, one of the Trustees of the Indo Chinese Elderly Hostel and the owner of the ABC Tissues Products Pty Ltd.

The following pictures showed the Lucky Prizes drawn by the Mayor and witnessed by the sponsors, local residents and Media on that day

Other prizes also presented by the Trustees on 13th April 2011 to the prize winners