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2018 – [Unforgettable Journey of Life] Press Conference

On February 3rd, Indochinese Aged Care Services held a press conference at The Eight restaurant. The purpose of this press is to announce the following events in honor of our 15 years anniversary. Those are: Opening ceremony of new garden [Unforgettable Journey of Life] book launching Photo Competition Open Day

2017 Facility Tour

The residents from Banksia decided to tour around the facility on a sunny day out. Check out the photos

2017 Ching Ming Festival

The Ching Ming Festival, also known as the Tomb-Sweeping Day is a traditional Chinese festival for the celebrants to remember their ancestors. Every year, we would hold a ceremony for our residents to participate in such event. This year was no different. Residents pray for their deceased

2017 Cooking Demonstration – Dumpling

The starting dish of this year demonstrating class is dumpling. Our residents had the chance to attend the session held by one of our volunteer. They also got to have fun making the dumplings while watching the steps. We captured the beautiful images of the day

2017 Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! Indochinese Aged Care held its annual celebration of the Chinese New Year at all 3 wards. All family members were welcomed to join the event. Check out the highlight of the day from the photos below: Lion dancing Our Chairman – Mr David Nguy happily gave

2016 Residents Christmas Party

On 9th December, we held a Christmas Party for all our residents to celebrate the festive season. We also invited the family members to come and join us for the fun. All of our staff were working hard to make this day possible and successful, especially our kitchen team. We

2016 Melbourne Cup

Our residents enjoyed a relaxing luncheon on the Melbourne Cup day on November 1st. Check out the photos we took of the event

2016 Celebrate The Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat festival fall on the 6th of July 2016. It is a tradition where eating Zongzi (sticky rice dumpling) is one of the customs of the festival. Every year, the facility will create an opportunity for the residents to celebrate the tradition. The Indochinese Aged Care welcomed the

2016 Staff Christmas Party

To celebrate this year Christmas season, the Indochinese Aged Care Services held its annual staff Christmas Party at the Cabramatta Bowling Club on the 16th of December. The Indochinese Aged Care invited all of its staff members and volunteers who have been working hard this past year to this party.

2016 Indochinese Aged Care Residents Christmas Party

The Annual Christmas Part was held at our Aged Care Facility for our residents to celebrate the festive season. The residents were happy to join Christmas luncheon  on Friday 9th of December in their community hall. The Facility was transformed into a Wonderland for the residents to enjoy complete with

2015 Residents Annual Christmas Party

The Aged Care Facility celebrated the Christmas season with a festive party full of scrumptious food, laughter and fun. The Facility was transformed into a Wonderland for the residents to enjoy complete with beautifully decorated Christmas trees lights and tinsel. The residents were happy to join Christmas luncheon  on Friday11

2014 Indo Chinese Elderly Hostel Christmas Celebration

The Indo-Chinese Elderly Hostel held its annual Resident’s Christmas Party on the 12th of December. Family and friends of the residents were invited to join in on the Christmas celebration. Volunteers and trustees added to the festive atmosphere by visiting every section of the Hostel to sing Christmas songs and

12th July 2014 Official Opening of the New Wing

The Indo-Chinese Elderly Hostel has completed a major expansion this year. The expansion consists of a new reception area and a new wing, increasing the number of rooms in the hostel to 88. To celebrate, the Hostel held an official opening ceremony on the 12th July. The ceremony was hosted

Residents Variety Activities

Cake Baking Eating can make people happy. Eating sweets makes people even happier. Cake is one of the magical sweets that could easily bring happiness to lighten up our day. The process of making cake itself should not be underestimating as we can have fun while doing so. That is why